Yes. You can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store for free.
Zeron Transport is a tool that enables transport companies to drastically reduce manual processing of their data now performed with Excel or other spreadsheets. Thus, dispatchers will use their time more efficiently, reporters will receive automated data from the work of the dispatchers, and managers will not wait days for manually processed reports, but will receive them in real time on their computer or directly on their phone.
Our software is designed not as a series of additions and “patches”, like other software, but as a complete and most complete platform for servicing the needs of the Transport industry. Currently, it has no analogues in the country and abroad. It has been designed and created for 3 years by our IT specialists and leading specialists in the Transport industry and covers all possible needs that you may have.
It clearly defines the four main categories of users – Dispatchers and Freight Forwarders, Drivers, Reporters and Transport Managers. The construction of the software is focused on them and everything they need. Our company’s pricing policy is flexible and we make an individual offer for each customer so that they are able to buy the product. The easy use is what we particularly care about – every driver, reporter or dispatcher can get used to working with the Software for a few days. And the opportunity to receive a variety of reports and analyses will definitely please the transport managers.
You can see a detailed description of the product in the main menu section. If you have further questions, our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.